Types Of Surrogacy

When you start your surrogacy journey as surrogate mother or prospective parents you need to learn about the process to ensure you are aware of the pros and cons of a surrogacy journey to determine if this is the right option for you and your family

types of surrogacy

Bellow you will find a check list with questions and topics you need to think about

  • Is surrogacy the right option for you?
  • Why do you want to pursue a surrogacy journey?
  • Types of surrogacy
  • Find surrogate mother or intended parents with or without an agency
  • How much does surrogacy cost? what are the surrogate mother costs?
  • Surrogacy regulation
    • Are surrogacy contracts enforceable
    • Pre-birth or post birth order
    • Is adoption needed?
    • Is commercial surrogacy allowed? In some countries like Canada only altruistic surrogacy is permitted.
  • Do you know what are your goals and expectations?

Learning about the surrogacy process in advance and preparing a list with your expectations are key factors to have a success journey.  Additionally, listing your needs and desires will help you to find a match that is on the same page than you.

If you are seriously considering surrogacy as an option to star your family or help others to get their dream, please get in contact with a surrogacy lawyer specializing in third party reproduction and/or a surrogacy agency to learn more about the process. Also it can be a good idea to talk with former surrogate mother and intended parents.

surrogate mother requirements

In the next two videos you can find more info bout what is surrogacy.